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    (Will you attract these buyers as a FSBO?)

    Highly Motivated Buyers
    This is a buyer that is ready to buy today! They may be moving to this area because of a job transfer, or have already sold their present home and need to find another home fast, or they may just be the kind of people that like to make quick decisions. These buyers are typically pre-qualified with a lender and almost
    always work with a Realtor. They don’t have time to drive all over town trying to track down a home to buy so they will work with a Realtor that will search listed properties with agents and will not have time to seek out “For Sale By Owner” properties. Since 97% of the homes for sale are listed with Realtors, these
    buyers know it’s just easier to get help from a Realtor.

    Serious Buyers
    This type of buyer is serious, but not in a huge hurry. They may be first time home buyers, or have just recently put their current home on the market, but don’t have a buyer lined up yet. This type of buyer is also prone to working with a Realtor. They do understand that working with a buyers agent doesn’t cost them any money and if they are first time home buyers, they may feel helpless and need someone to walk them through the process and protect their interests. Again these buyers will work with a Realtor that will search listed properties with agents and will not seek out “For Sale By Owner” properties.

    Bargain Hunters
    This type of buyer is looking for a bargain. Their idea is to save the commission that goes to a real estate firm, or worse . . . they want to find someone that’s desperate to sell so they can buy the home at a steep discount. They’ll ask enough questions to get a sense of how badly you need to sell and are only concerned with price. This type of buyer is almost never pre-qualified with a lender so you’ll never really know if they can actually afford to buy your home, but they’ll tell you it’s not a problem. These buyers will seek out “For Sale By Owner” properties because they want to pay less-than-market value and are looking for a seller that doesn’t know the value of their home.

    Casual Lookers
    This type of buyer is a semi-professional “looker”. They can’t afford to buy because of bad credit or no money, but they won’t ever tell you this. They like to spend their weekends just looking at homes and wasting your time. They especially like “For Sale By Owners” because they don’t have to have an agent
    that is going to pre-qualify them to see your home. They’ll tell you they love your house and ask all kinds of questions. They’ll get your hopes up, but after they walk out the door, you’ll never hear from them again. When you call them, they’ll have some excuse of why they’re “not ready to buy right now” or they’ll say, “We’re still looking”.

    Are you attracting the real buyers in the market for a home? Before you continue to spin your wheels losing time and money, give me a call and let’s have a serious talk about how we can get
    your home sold to the right buyer for top dollar.