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    Seller Closing Information

    We are getting close to closing on your home! You will receive a deed prep packet from the closing attorney which will need to be signed prior to the buyers closing date if you have not already done so.  You will also receive a closing disclosure from attorney which will detail the fees due from both parties. The final version typically isn’t available until a day or two before closing and this this will need to be signed prior to the buyers closing as well. Once we receive it we will review for accuracy and send to you along with signing instructions. You will not need to go to the attorney in person to sign.

    Buyers may want to walk through the home the day before closing, and any effort to be out by then will help the closing go smoothly. Please make sure to leave any warranties or manuals for appliances or other equipment staying in the home. Leave the garage door openers, alarm instructions, fan remotes, keys and any touch up paint you have left. Clean out the sheds and garages. Clean up the house and make sure all your personal items are removed before the final walk-through. Do not leave any personal items behind, even if you think the buyer may want them. A clean house and property free of debris at the walk-through is required and stated in the NC contract and is expected by the buyer and their agent. We have experienced buyers that refuse to go to the closing table due to a house that was not left clean. With the stress that is associated with a move, our recommendation is to hire a cleaning company that is familiar with move-out cleaning. We have cleaners available if you need help.

    Please make sure to call and cancel all services that are on your home in your name. These services can include;

    • Cable- Call ahead of time to schedule the appropriate date
    • Trash- Call ahead of time to schedule the appropriate date
    • Electricity -It is common courtesy to not cut off the electricity until the day after closing. You can set this up now, but schedule the date after closing.
    • Water -After closing, you will need to send the water company the settlement statement so the water can be transferred to the buyers name. The buyer will likely do this as well, but it is always good for you to also send.
    • Pest Control
    • Natural Gas or Propane Service Provider if any
    • Alarm Service Provider if any
    • Any other services you have set up

    Please let us know if you have any questions at all!