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    What is a CMA?

    A CMA is an extremely helpful tool that I use to determine what the market is saying. The CMA is a side-by-side comparison report of homes currently for sale and homes that have SOLD in the same neighborhood or area as yours. I will typically include new listings (for sale), pending sales (under contract), closed sales (solds) and expired listings (failed to sell).

    CMAs can vary widely depending on the knowledge, skill level and experience of the agent inputting the search parameters, as well as the data fields that are chosen. This is a delicate and critical job that will help you achieve maximum success. You do not want to trust getting this information from the wrong agent, and you certainly don’t want to trust an online source that spits out un-scrubbed and unverified data.

    Because I work and live in the area, I have had the opportunity to become intimately familiar with our local area neighborhoods.

    So what does that mean for you? Since I am from the area, this means that I have more experience that I can put to work for you! This puts me in the best position to help educate you on what the market is doing, how the market is trending, and how to get the most for your home in the least amount of time. Achieving these kinds of results does not happen by chance. I am very purposeful about achieving the successful sale of every home I list. I also want to net my clients more than they would get by listing with anyone else.

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