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    Uncluttering Tips – Preparing to Sell

    Eliminating clutter will give your home a more spacious look. By removing or storing things you don’t need, you create a roomy, comfortable feeling that will be inviting to prospective buyers. If a house is too cluttered, buyers have trouble imagining themselves and their belongings in it. Remember, when in doubt—move it out!

    • Clean out closets to display their roominess. Prospective buyers love to inspect for storage space, so it’s important to make whatever closets you have look as spacious as possible. Another trick is to clear the floor space in closets. This simple strategy will make the closet ‘appear’ as large as possible.
    • Be sure clothes are hung neatly and shoes and other objects are neatly arranged. If something you have stored away hasn’t been worn or used in the last year, chances are it never will be. Give it away, sell it, or pack it neatly in a box and store it in the garage.
    • Have a garage sale! Not only will you be reducing clutter, but you can use the money you earn to finance your touch-ups.
    • Straighten bookshelves and remove unnecessary papers from coffee tables.
    • In children’s rooms, straighten or store extra toys and remove distracting posters. Arrange toys to look fun and inviting, open a book on a night stand, add a flowering plant and arrange decorative pillows or shams on the bed.
    • If you have a spare room or storage area, turn it into an area with a purpose. If it’s too small to be a bedroom, turn it into a hobby center, study or office.
    • Again, consider renting storage space to move out items you won’t need before you move.


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