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    Top 3 Paint Colors that Appeal to Buyers

    Thinking of selling your home? Painting your walls neutral colors will give your house a fresh clean feel, and also appeal to a large range of buyers. Going bold can be fun, but can also turn off a potential buyer who may not have the same taste as you.

    Gray- This color has gained more and more popularity over the last few years and will give your home a modern yet sophisticated look. There are many different shades of gray to choose from that will match your potentials buyers decor and allow them to envision their furniture in your home.

    Cream- This nice clean color looks wonderful in pictures, and will match a variety of furniture and curtain colors. Pure white can often look harsh, but a nice clean cream provides warmth while still remaining neutral.

    Tan- A close relative to cream, tan paint is still neutral but gives the home a more personality and a more modern feel. If you’re going to go with a darker tan, make sure it is a larger room with a lot off light as dark colors can often make the room look smaller.

    When choosing paint, semi-gloss is highly recommended as it lasts longer and cleans easier than flat paint.

    Bonus Tip– White trim looks great with any of the colors listed above, and really makes the room pop! We recommend painting, not staining the trim. Stained trim can often make the room look smaller and something that may be liked by some buyers, but not others.

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