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    To Repair or Not To Repair

    I strongly encourage sellers to complete any minor and cosmetic home repairs that you can afford to. These include things like broken light fixtures, replacing light bulbs, torn screens, cracked caulking, broken tiles, leaking faucets, cracked windows, loose doorknobs, etc.

    While you and your family may have been perfectly content to live with these minor items, they are a red flag to prospective home buyers. Home buyers generally suspect that homes with small items in disrepair will likely have bigger items that have not been addressed. It’s fairly easy to compile a list of things that need to be done and then pay a handyman to complete this list of minor repairs in less than a day. I have a comprehensive list of reputable trades I can recommend to you. What if you can’t afford to do repairs? No worries. We will simply use my “As-Is” pricing strategy

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