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    The Truth About Marketing Your Home

    The first key element to selling your home is marketing. I believe that marketing is about creating awareness in the minds of as many potential buyers as possible. Simply put, if buyers don’t know about your home, it doesn’t exist. Because I spend most of my time marketing homes, I understand what it takes to get your home SOLD. Every week I come across sellers who have tried listing their home with another agent only to find bitter disappointment. Let’s examine why.

    In the past several years, computers and the internet have changed the face of real estate. Most agents haven’t kept up. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) recent study, 96% of all home buyers now use the internet for house hunting. While most agents are struggling to keep up, my team has been immersed in the latest technology!

    Besides not staying up to date with technology, more than 90% of agents have not been trained in the art of sales and marketing. That’s because sales and marketing is nowhere in the training that agents receive in order to become licensed. The truth is most agents are good people; they just don’t know how to do good marketing or are unable or unwilling to spend the money necessary to have quality resources at their disposal. Doing the kind of marketing that leads to a successful sale takes time, money and a great marketing plan.

    Call me today to learn more about why my team and I are so successful in selling homes.

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