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    The 3 “C’s” of selling your home

    There are ultimately 3 things that will determine if and when your home will sell. The 3 C’s as I like to call them are all within your control.

    1. Condition
    Buyers want to see that the home that they are going to potentially buy has been taken care of inside and out. Do a walk through of your house and make a punch list before you put the home on the market. If you need help with this process one of our team members will be glad to work with you to do that.

    2. Cost
    Everyone wants the most money for their home and every buyer wants a good deal. As a seller, pricing your home is a critical component of getting it sold. But how you price a home is not a cut and dry formula. There are many factors that contribute to the pricing of your home and all need to be considered. Research consistently shows that homes priced too high out of the gate that undergo price reductions ultimately will not net as much money as a home that is priced right from the beginning. Sellers also forget that the longer their home is on market, the more carrying costs they have on a home that they no longer want to be in. These costs may not be on the closing statement but they are real dollars a seller has to spend to remain in the home until it sells.

    3. Clutter
    There is nothing more discouraging to buyers than to walk in a house that is not clean. We always recommend to either get a portable storage unit or if you have a garage simply pack trinkets etc neatly in boxes in the garage. This allows the buyer to see only minimal items in the home and lets them mentally move in. Remember the way you sell a house and the way you live in a house are very different.

    In summary, selling a home is a “price war and a beauty contest.” Make sure your home is ready for sale and not just rushed to market. If you would like a consultation to see what your home could sell for in our current market, please contact us anytime.

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