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    Selling A Home With Tenants

    I have found that homes currently rented create a new set of challenges when it comes to showing. Tenants are often uncomfortable about the idea of allowing the home to be shown and can make the showing process more arduous. If buyers are having a difficult time getting in to see the property, you will have a difficult time getting it sold.

    My advice is to enlist the cooperation of your tenants. Try to offer them some kind of incentive for cooperating during the showing process. Perhaps you can give them $20 off their rent for every showing, or something creative like that.

    Another challenge to showing a tenant occupied property is that the tenants will likely not have the home in “show” condition because they are not personally vested in the successful sale of the property. In some cases they could even be working against you if selling the home has a negative impact on their moving time frame. Again, my advice is to seek the cooperation of your tenant.

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