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    Seller Paid Closing Costs

    On every transaction, the seller has their own closing costs (sales commission, title policy, escrow costs and recording fees, etc) and the buyer has their closing costs (loan origination, prepaid expenses, etc). It is not uncommon for the buyer to “roll in” some or all of their closing costs when putting an offer together.

    Rather than focusing on the amount the buyer is asking you to pay on their behalf, it is better to focus on your “net offer”. Your net offer is the sales price offered less buyer expenses. For example, lets say you are asking $450,000 for your home and you receive an offer of $445,000 and buyer requests an amount of $5,000 in seller paid closing costs.  Your net offer is $440,000. Remember, I’ll help you navigate through all this and help you make the right decision for your family.

    The aforementioned items are the most critical ones that we will review together to determine if the offer submitted fulfills your goals. We will also go through the entire contract in detail with sellers to ensure you have a complete understanding of the offer and how it will affect you.

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