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    Preparing for a Photo Shoot

    One of the many benefits of listing your home with a team like ours is that we send in a professional photographer to take photos of your home. Most buyers will be looking online before scheduling in person showing tours, and if your photos are sub-par a buyer may move on and not even step foot in the door. 

    Having great photos is a team effort! Please follow the below tips to prepare for your photo shoot to help us showcase your home;


    • Clear yard of debris
    • Roll up/put away hoses and other gardening tools
    • Mow and trim the yard
    • Pick up any lingering toys in the yard
    • Move cars out of the driveway
    • Hide trash cans
    • Arrange any porch or patio furniture nicely… open table umbrellas, uncover the grill, sweep floor, showcase your amazing outdoor living space!


    • Pick up/hide clutter
    • General house cleaning
    • Turn on all lights
    • Open all curtains and blinds
    • Turn off ceiling fans
    • Clear kitchen counters- Remove dishes, small appliances (like toasters, blenders, crockpots) and anything that takes up counter space. An empty, clean counter is desirable
    • Clear bathroom counters as well
    • Shut all toilet lids
    • Shut all shower curtains
    • Make all beds
    • Remove as much clutter from all rooms as possible. We will not be taking pictures of the closets, so feel free to store any lingering items in the closets during the photo shoot.
    • Take down any holiday decorations (EG Christmas decorations, this dates the photos after the holiday has passed)

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