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    Online Search Tips- Why Broader is Better

    When searching for a new home online, try not to get too specific. You may have some must have items, like what school district the home is in, but if you have too many requirements in your search parameters, you might just miss the perfect home! Try starting with a very broad search, and if too many homes come back for you to look through, refine your search from there. Many buyers often end up falling in love with a home that doesn’t meet everything on their wish list, but just feels right!

    Bonus Tip- You may think you know exactly how many square feet you need in your new home, but some homes feel bigger than others depending on the floor plan. If you do choose to search by square footage, try making the range a bit broader, and making the minimum a bit smaller than you would have originally planned. You never know when you may find a home with an open floor plan that feels perfect, but is 150 sq feet less than what you thought you wanted.

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