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    Meet Matt Snyder!

    We are very excited to welcome agent Matt Snyder to our team! 

    Matt Snyder is a Realtor based in Wilmington, NC. As a born and raised Wilmingtonian he can, and has always used his extensive local and regional knowledge to help people. He recently joined the very successful Chris Luther Team. Matt’s friends and family will all tell you that he has been an expert in sales and negotiations since 1990, when he was merely four years old. They would also tell you he is loyal, candid, responsible, communicable, empathetic, charismatic, and adaptable.

    Matt has always had a knack for relationships with people; which he believes led him into the Hotel Management field. This is when he really discovered his love for customers, and the relationships he would develop with each and every one of them. Matt worked as night manager for years with Marriot. While excelling and enjoying the industry he chose to major in Hotel and Restaurant Management. He would continue to work full time through the duration of his collegiate career, and managed to stay on the Dean’s List throughout. After finishing his apprenticeship at the Holiday Inn Sunspree, a bright spot of Wrigthsville beach, he obtained his degree.

    Life then led Matt to a local landmark, Redix, in Wrightsville beach (If you’ve never visited, you should)! He immediately began improving the customer service culture, and quickly rose up the ranks to become manager. Able to think outside of the box, Matt developed unique sales tactics that resulted in him being number one in sales year after year. Notably, Matt always developed amazing relationships with each and every customer. His extensive experience in Hotels and Retail has refined his skills, not limited to, attention to detail, customer service, communication, negotiation, and the ability to resolve most any conflict successfully.

    Matt became interested in Real Estate when purchasing his first home in the summer of 2016. He found
    the process to be extremely intriguing. Purchasing or selling a home will almost certainly result in a giant ball of mixed emotions for both parties. It is life changing, intimate, stressful, and exciting all at the same time. His realtor and mortgage banker did a great job at enhancing the positive vibes while educating him on the things that were causing stress and anxiety. The complexity of a transaction, and the deserved attention to the individual(s) was incredible. What an amazing process. At the end of it all he had his dream home, and made meaningful relationships with all parties involved. The light bulb went off as they say. Matt realized that a Real Estate career would allow him to continue using his experience, talents, and expertise in addition to being able to truly help people. For Matt, becoming a
    Realtor was the answer to the question so many long for; what am I supposed to in life?

    While not working you will find Matt enjoying the natural amenities of the area with his family and friends. Fishing, exploring, swimming, and boating are just some of his favorite activities.


    You can call or text Matt at 910-386-6170 or email him at

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    • Sylvia Fajgenbaum

      Written on

      Remembering how you could talk your mom in to anything (and she was no easy sell), and knowing your charismatic personality, I know you will be a fabulous realtor! Best of luck and I will spread the word to all our friends!!!


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