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    Interior Tips – Preparing to Sell

    When showing your home to prospective buyers you want to make everything look spacious, organized, bright, warm, and “homey.” Start with a full housecleaning from top to bottom. Don’t let dirt and clutter obscure your home’s good points. A clean home will sell a lot faster than a dirty one.

    • Be sure walls are clean and free of dirt and fingerprints — consider a fresh coat of paint if washing doesn’t do the trick.
    • Wash all windows and sills.
    • Curtains and drapes should be freshly cleaned.
    • Arrange furniture to make rooms appear spacious and attractive.
    • Evaluate the furniture in each room and remove anything that interrupts the flow or makes the room appear smaller. Consider renting a storage unit to move the items off-site.
    • Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans
    • Have carpets cleaned
    • Make minor repairs
    • Replace any burned out light bulbs. You can make rooms seem warmer and brighter by using high intensity light bulbs that give the house a warm glow.
    • Discard or replace any dying houseplants.

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