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    How to leave the home for the buyer the day of closing

    Make sure to leave any warranties or manuals for appliances or other equipment staying in the home. Leave the garage door openers, alarm instructions, fan remotes, and any touch up paint you have left. Clean out the sheds and garages. Clean up the house and make sure all your personal items are removed before the final walk-through.

    A clean house and property free of debris at the walk-through is required and stated in the NC contract and is expected by the buyer and their agent. We have experienced buyers that refuse to go to the closing table due to a house that was not left clean. With the stress that is associated with a move, my recommendation is to hire a cleaning company that is familiar with move-out cleaning. We have cleaners available if you need help.

    Do not leave anything behind just because you think they may want it. If you have something like porch furniture or garden tools that you think they may want you can ask your agent ahead of time to ask them, but don’t just leave it with out permission.

    Good luck with your move!


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