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    How to Approach Repair Negotiations

    Whether your selling your home, or purchasing a new one the key with repair requests is to be reasonable.

    During the due diligence process, buyers have the opportunity to inspect the home. They then have the opportunity to ask the seller to repair certain items. As a buyer, you should be reasonable in what you ask to be repaired. Remember, the seller has the right to refuse to repair any item on the list. As a seller, you should also be reasonable and work with the buyer to address many of the items they would like addressed. Remember, the buyer can terminate the contract.

    The goal with repair requests is for both parties to come together and agree on a list that makes everyone in the deal happy. Talk to your Realtor for more details about your specific situation, but remember getting a transaction from offer to acceptance to the closing table is no easy feat and requires patience and flexibility on both parties part.

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