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    Exterior Tips – Preparing to Sell

    It’s estimated that more than half of all houses are sold before buyers even get out of their cars. Stand across the street from your home and review its “curb appeal”. What can you do to improve the very first impression?

    • Keep sidewalks and patios hosed off. Hose down house siding to remove cobwebs and dirt. Hose down your garage and clean your driveway of any grease spots. A garage can be an important selling point for your home, and a good spraying with a garden hose and just a drop of industrial strength cleaner can make a big difference.
    • Mow, trim, weed, and water lawns and gardens. Add a fresh layer of mulch or gravel if needed and plant flowers for color.
    • The front door is one of the first things prospective buyers see. If it shows signs of wear — clean it, stain, it, or paint it.
    • Make sure the doorbell and porch lights work.
    • Remove trash and debris from the yard and around house.
    • Remove extra vehicles from view.
    • Repair any fences or gates.
    • Remove holiday lights that may still be hanging.
    • Paint exterior window sashes, trim, and shutters (repainting the entire exterior can be an expensive and unnecessary venture — unless there is bad blistering or peeling.)
    • Apply fresh paint to wooden fences
    • Buy a new welcome mat
    • Place potted flowers near the door
    • Clean windows inside and out
    • Power wash the home’s exterior
    • Ensure gutters and downspouts are firmly attached and functioning

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