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    “As Is” Pricing Strategy

    Okay so maybe your home is not quite as bad as the image above but there are times when it makes sense for a seller to go to market with our “As Is” marketing strategy. The “As Is” strategy is for sellers who lack the funds, ability or desire to properly prepare their home for sale.

    With this approach we will get a pre-home inspection to determine what if any issues need to be addressed. After having your home inspected by a licensed home inspector, we will review the report and get written bids on the work needed. You can then properly price your home based on accurate knowledge of its condition.

    This gives the buyer full disclosure and understanding on the front end of what they are buying and what may need to be done to the house. I stress however this is not a “get top dollar for your home” strategy.

    This is a no hassle approach that will most likely provide more value to the buyer than the seller. Keep in mind buyers don’t buy homes and sign up for projects just to bring the house back to market value. They will be looking for an equity position.

    If you would like to know more about the “As Is” pricing strategy and what is involved. Call or text me today to see if this approach is right for your property.

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