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    3 Spring Cleaning Items to Tackle this Weekend

    It looks like the warm weather is finally here to stay! Get a head start on your summer chores by tackling these items this weekend.


    1. Declutter and Organize – I am always amazed with the amount of stuff I accumulate. I have a bag sitting in my foyer with some presents my parents gave me for Christmas still, that in 3 1/2 months since Christmas I haven’t bothered to unpack. Decluttering and organizing seems like a huge task right now, but I know after I am done I will feel so much better! Here are some decluttering tips to keep you on track

    • If you haven’t used it in a long time, let it go!
    • Plan a garage sale- Not only will your house be organized, but you can make some money to donate to a local charity, or treat the family to dinner as a reward for their hard work.
    • Take it one step at a time, and reward yourself for small successes.
    • Involve the whole family and make it fun!

    2. Change your air filters – This is a relatively easy task, but can make the air in your house feel so much cleaner! Changing your air filters frequently also can often increase the life of your HVAC system.

    3. Clean your ceiling fans and light fixtures- We’ve all seen the dust that builds up over the winter on our fans and light fixtures. It can be tedious to get out the ladder and clean those hard to reach spots, but once you’re done you will feel so much better!

    Summer is fast approaching, and we’re lucky enough to live on the coast. Tackle the big items now, so you can spend your weekends enjoying all the fun activities Wilmington has to offer!

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