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    10 seller tips for last minute showings

    The easiest way to be prepared for that last minute showing is to keep the home “show ready.” But we all live in the real world and that is easier said than done so here are a few quick tips to help relieve stress for those quick showings.

    1. Take out the trash

    2. Sweep or blow off front and back porch/entries

    3. Put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher

    4. Make the beds

    5. Put laundry in the closets or in washer/dryer

    6. Turn on lights and open blinds for natural lighting

    7. Straighten all couch and chair cushions

    8. Clear off kitchen and bathroom counters

    9. Pick up any items on the floor that don’t belong

    10. On your way out make sure nothing is laying out in the yard

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