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    10 Little Things to Help You Sell Your Home

    1.Choose the right agent- It is important to hire someone who will not only help you set reasonable expectations, but follow through with their promises and work hard for you!

    2. Fresh paint in neutral colors -click here to view the top 3 paint colors that appeal to buyers

    3. Stage your home if it is vacant – Or find an agent who will stage it for you.

    4. Clean Up clutter before showings and photos

    5. Opening all your blinds before showings and photos to let in light and make the rooms look larger and brighter.

    6. Depersonalize the home- You want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in it!

    7. Make sure your photos are taken by a professional- You’ve heard it before, a picture is worth a thousand words. Most potential buyers look at homes online before scheduling a showing and if they don’t like the way the home looks in the pictures, they may move on without ever walking in the door.

    8. Price your home correctly- Pay close attention to the comparable sales in the area. Once you’ve had a few showings under your belt, look at the feedback. If the buyers who viewed your home are saying it is priced to high then it may be time to consider a price drop.

    9. Be flexible with showing times- If it is too difficult to find a time to view your home the buyers may move on.

    10. Leave the home for showings- This allows the buyer to freely discuss what they like and don’t like about the home.

    If you are thinking about selling your home, learn more about us by clicking here!

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