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    20 Ways To Market Your FSBO Home to Buyers

    20 Ways To Market Your FSBO Home to Buyers

    1. Choose at least 5 home search sites to post your listing on. If you are already paying for a MLS Flat Fee or other Service, ask if they are syndicating your listing to 3rd party sites and ask what those sites are. (Hint: there are 100s).

    2. Every day post your listing manually to one of the following outlets. Craigslist, Backpage, Facebook, eBay Classifieds. Rotate through this list daily and change the adds every time.

    3. Put together a property website that gives price information and pictures/detail about the home.

    4. Make sure to use directional signs from main roads that clearly route a potential buyer to your home.

    5. Be sure and have a flyer box with info about the home for drive by lookers.

    6. Door knock or mail the neighborhood to see if anyone know someone that might be looking to buy a home in your neighborhood.

    7. Have an open house for buyers and follow up with any buyers that come through.

    8. If you are listed in MLS limited service company, ask them if they will run your listing through their “reverse prospecting” function in MLS software to identify agents with buyers that match your home’s criteria. If they can see if they will email that report to you so you can reach out to those agents to schedule a showing with their buyer. (Not just an appointment to get your listing)

    9. Price the home right! This may not seem like marketing but it is the most important part of the marketing plan because that one thing is the first thing that may cause a buyer not to look at your home online or in person.

    10. Quality pictures. Although smart phones have come a long way, the quickest way for potential buyers to pass on looking at your home is poor quality pictures. Find a way to get professional quality pictures taken of your home.

    11. Piggyback on other homes for sale. Monitor Zillow and other sites looking for open house events in your neighborhood. Host an open house event simultaneously and make sure to have plenty of signs sending buyers your way.

    12. First impressions count. Make curb appeal a priority. Buyers and agents are usually skeptical of FSBO homes but if their first impression of your home is good then the chance they will reach out to increases significantly.

    13. See if you can team up with a mortgage lender that may cover a portion of seller paid closing cost incentives you may offer if the buyer is using them for financing.

    14. If you are in a high equity position in your home or own it free and clear, consider advertising a “seller financing” option to buyers.

    15. Call a local title company. They may have materials and resources to help you advertise your home to buyers.

    16. Cooperate with buyers agents. 88% of all buyers have an agent. Don’t turn away virtually all buyers because you are unwilling to compensate the agent that brings the buyer.

    17. In your advertising descriptions be sure and highlight the best features of your home and entice buyers to reach out to you.

    18. Find a free video app that can convert your pictures into video with added text and post the video on you tube, vimeo and other video posting outlets.

    19. Create a property book for the home that has pictures, home stats, property disclosures etc.

    20. Call Chris 910-367-8302 and take advantage of all of his free FSBO services